Caviar Vodka

Walter Grüll, Austria's first sturgeon caviar producer, provided the idea and the caviar. Walter Trausner, a grounded spirit manufacturer from the biosphere region of Lungau with his own manufactory, developed all the recipes for the exquisite product. The result: a product which is in a class of its own and which can be experienced with all the senses! The caviar vodka contains in each series - salmon trout, sturgeon & albino sturgeon - 180 grams of the roe, combined with the purest and clearest vodka from the Salzburger Land. In the case of the Caviar Vodka „Albino", it makes it the most valuable vodka worldwide!

With each drop of these distillates you will taste the wonder of nature.

  • CAVIAR-VODKA "Salmon trout"
  • Unique
  • Fresh citrus note
  • Also for non-fish-eaters
  • Fruity, peppery sensation
  • CAVIAR-VODKA "Sturgeon"
  • Unprecedented
  • Exquisite in taste
  • Pleasantly „sea-like"
  • A fine wood note
  • Perfect companion tosturgeon caviar
  • CAVIAR-VODKA "Albino"
  • Flavour explosion of superlatives
  • Mix of „crispy" and creamy texture
  • Citrus notes, wonderfully scented aromas of albino caviar

The CAVIAR-VODKA is available from 70.00 EUR!


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