White Pearl Vodka

After the successful market launch of the caviar vodka series, Walter Grüll, in collaboration with Walter Trausner, "succeeded" in creating the next top-class experience, namely another high-purity distillate, oyster vodka.

The basic idea of ​​"a seafood-fish distillate", again with a unique taste, was there, the two Walter tinkered and tried. This is how this unique taste experience came about: salt / sea water, slightly iodine, a little seaweed, fine cucumber and a little nutty !

Basically, the White Pearl Vodka combines highly pure vodka from the Lungau biosphere region with 6 pieces of the finest oysters from France. The rest remains a well-kept secret.

In each bottle there is a pearl at the bottom. Each one is unique. You can have your loved one made of these wonderful earrings, bracelets, necklaces and the like. There are no limits to the ideas.

Enjoy it! Preferably ice cold!


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