About us & philosophy

In the picturesque Grödig near Salzburg, food experiences are handmade with a loving touch and great dedication.


The family business of Walter Grüll, founder and managing director of the fish specialty business of the same name, discovered his passion for fish in early childhood and adolescence. The cornerstone for today's success was laid in 1981 with the founding of his own fish farm and trading business. In 1992 the specialty store in Grödig was opened.

Since the major remodelling in 2012, it not only is the sales site and own production location, but also has a multi-award winning bistro. The delicacies offered and the selection of the finest wines and champagnes are known far beyond the borders of Salzburg. One great El Dorado for connoisseurs was created. You can feel the dedication and passion behind the sensational creations.


The family and company philosophy which guarantees humanity and success is lived and practiced perceptibly. Day in, day out - by the whole team!

Respect people and care about your environment. Be thankful to nature for gifting us
animals and give them the time they need. Always be loving when dealing with animals, also during processing and sale. This brings joy and creates awareness for handling our valuable resources carefully. Noticeable, perceptible, sustainable - for our nature, for our customers and ourselves.

Fish specialities and Bistro

Are you looking for an extremely special place? Where passion, indulgence, comfort and pleasure are the ultimate priority? And all this in a cosy, casual and informal atmosphere? Then you have come just to the right place! Promise!

Here you can enjoy new dishes every day, the whole assortment from our counter and the oyster pools as well as a large selection of wines and champagnes!

The bistro team looks forward to meeting you and is happy to fulfill your wishes!

Our bistro is open during regular sales hours, and we serve hot meals from Tuesday to Friday from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. PLEASE make sure to reserve by phone before visiting! There are two reservation slots available, from 11:00 AM to 1:45 PM and from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Thank you!


Our product range, our own creations and individual developments - all of these are our food experiences.

And here you will find an overview!

Fresh fisch

Cod, Pikeperch, Trout, Char, Sea bream, Sea bass, Salmon, Tuna, Halibut

Sea food

Prawns, Cuttlefish, Crabs, Mussels, Calamari, Shrimps, Lobster

Smoked fish

Trout, Char, Tuna, Strip of smoked rock salmon, Butterfish, Swordfish, Sturgeon, Salmon

Feine Kost

Grülls „Fine Food“

Fish salads, Terrinen, Spreadn, Pasties, Butters, Brawns


Siberian-Sturgeon Caviar, Trout-Caviar, Char-Caviar, Renken-Caviar, Trottarge, Stottarga


Krystale, Fines de Claire, Gillardeau, Belon, Tsarskaya, Sylter Royal, Maldon wild oyster

Dry Ager

Fine products from the ripening cabinet! We have made an ENJOYABLE investment! 


Laxfurter, Caviar-Praline, Salmon meatloaf, Sturgeon fillet in olive oil in different variations, Ravioli with Tuna filling, Ravioli with Marlin-Butterfish filling

Grüll „exclusiv“

Spice line, Spicy apple, Grülls Grüner Veltliner


Caviar-Vodka "Salmon trout", Caviar-Vodka "Sturgeon", Caviar-Vodka "Albino", White Pearl Vodka

Delicacies from the can

Delicious treats from sturgeon & octopus.

Leather goods

Belts, glasses cases, purses, key rings


What we are currently working on or what is currently being reported about us can all be found here. Have fun while reading! We look forward to your feedback!

New product line "good mood food"

This is real pleasure in no time at all, our new "GOOD MOOD FOOD" product line! Very easy to prepare - heat the contents of the glass, add the pasta and that's it!

UMAMI - Shrimp Seasoning Mix

BRAND NEW - we have the ultimate seasoning mix newly added to our range.
Entirely created by us for you!

Dry Ager - Fine things from the aging cabinet

DRY-AGED FISH – yes, you read that CORRECTLY, we have invested in a aging cabinet for the DRY AGEING of selected types of fish!

Shipping Service

Do you know that we also send all our products? Directly to you - gladly worldwide - with the appropriate cooling logistics!

Seller // Service employee // Cook (m/f/d)

For our adventure resources we fish for the best minds!


Would you like to help shape the sale of our adventure resources in all areas? It doesn't matter whether it's outside in the breeding, in processing or directly at the customer's?


30 years of GRÜLL – on February 12th we turned 30


We are very proud of our products. We value animals and the environment and we are careful with all resources.
Sometimes we - but also media companies - put ourselves and our experience media in the limelight.
Authentic & transparent!

Here a little overview.

Tips & Recipes

The following recipes are a small excerpt from our cookbook, this amusement compendium should not be missing in any kitchen! Have fun at cooking, preparing and enjoying!

Trout "Miller"

Why "Miller"? This form of preparation is called because the fish is turned in plenty of flour before frying!

Gazpacho meets salmon trout tartare

Andalusia and the Algarve paired with freshly caught salmon trout from Austria!

Paella Mascarino

Paella is a social meal in Spain. And maybe at your home soon too?!

Smoked trout salad

The ideal companion for a cold snack!

Sea bass in the salt crust

One of the nicest ways to enjoy a sea bass!

Preparation tips / Rules of thumb

Are you often not quite sure whether the fish is ready? Or how strong should you season the fish? We have summarized a few tips for you below.


Dive into an extraordinary adventure and experience exclusivity in a whole new way: Produce your own caviar - now with us - your personal caviar creation in a small group. A taste as unique as you!

What can you expect on the day of the show production?

  • Caviar production, duration approx. 3 – 4 hours
  • "Fine delicacies" for breakfast or snack
  • Sparkling wine & water
  • 50 gram can per participant to take home

What should you know?

  • Available Tuesday to Friday, preferably in the morning
  • Price: 1,200.00 EUR for 4 people
  • 300.00 EUR per additional person, up to a maximum of 10 people
  • Lunch available for an additional fee
  • IMPORTANT: Phone registration absolutely necessary

Have you ever asked yourself what you can give or how you can surprise "someone" who already has "much"?

  • How about an "adventure day" with us in Grödig? Just a thought... :-)

We look forward to seeing you!

🐚 MUSCHELKUNDE leicht gemacht 😉! Entdecke in unserem neuesten VIDEO, wie DU sicherstells....
🐚 MUSCHELKUNDE leicht gemacht 😉! Entdecke in unserem neuesten VIDEO, wie DU sicherstellst, dass dein ...
Schnapp dir die Gabeln 🍴, es wird „köstlich“ 😋! Unsere gegrillten 🔥 SEETEUFELM....
Schnapp dir die Gabeln 🍴, es wird „köstlich“ 😋! Unsere gegrillten 🔥 SEETEUFELMEDAILLONS mit SPARGELV ...
Vom Rauch geküsst 😚, von uns geliebt 🥰: Der KALTGERÄUCHERTE BUTTERFISCH 😋! Ein Stück....
Vom Rauch geküsst 😚, von uns geliebt 🥰: Der KALTGERÄUCHERTE BUTTERFISCH 😋! Ein Stück „Handwerkskunst ...
Neu und unwiderstehlich 🤩 - starte dein kulinarisches Abenteuer bei uns im Bistro mit einer....
Neu und unwiderstehlich 🤩 - starte dein kulinarisches Abenteuer bei uns im Bistro mit einer SOFTSHEL ...
Osterüberraschungen der besonderen Art 🎉! 🥰 Dieses Jahr bringen wir euch das GRÖSSTE ....
Osterüberraschungen der besonderen Art 🎉! 🥰 Dieses Jahr bringen wir euch das GRÖSSTE EI und den FEIN ...
🆕 Neue VORSPEISENEMPFEHLUNG 🤩: Gegrillter OKTOPUS 🐙, der auf der Zunge zergeht, begl....
🆕 Neue VORSPEISENEMPFEHLUNG 🤩: Gegrillter OKTOPUS 🐙, der auf der Zunge zergeht, begleitet von knacki ...
🤩 KÖCHE aufgepasst: Unsere Töpfe 🍳 suchen NEUE 👨‍🍳 HÄNDE 👩‍🍳!  U....
🤩 KÖCHE aufgepasst: Unsere Töpfe 🍳 suchen NEUE 👨‍🍳 HÄNDE 👩‍🍳!  Unser Chef Walter ist großartig, aber ...
😍 „Tauche“ ab in ein tropisches Geschmackserlebnis 🌴! Unsere KOKOS-GARNELEN 🍤, b....
😍 „Tauche“ ab in ein tropisches Geschmackserlebnis 🌴! Unsere KOKOS-GARNELEN 🍤, begleitet von knackig ...

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Visit us. Give us a call. We are happy to take your orders by phone during our opening hours! We look forward to you!

Grüll Fischhandel GmbH

Fischspezialitäten und Bistro
Neue-Heimat-Straße 13
5082 Grödig

Phone: +43 - (0) 62 46 - 7 54 92

Opening hours

For selling
Monday rest day
Tuesday - Friday: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 12:00am

Opened during selling time.
Hot food Tuesday - Friday  11:00am - 3:00pm.
PLEASE make a reservation by phone before your visit!
Two reservations are possible: 11:00am - 1:45pm and 2:00pm - 6pm.

We send all of our products using appropriate refrigeration logistics, including worldwide!

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